Bio for John W. Payne


John W. Payne was born and attended high school in Bainbridge, NY. After graduating from college Mr. Payne taught Industrial Arts at a small high school in northern New York State. However, he knew that teaching school was not his life long career goal. What he really wanted to do is run his own business.

During a break from teaching in 1970 he happened to be in Bob’s Diner, a popular Bainbridge restaurant at the time, sitting at the counter next to an older gentleman who was complaining about business in general and his business in particular. John started questioning him about his business and found out he owned a small construction company. One thing led to another until the man suggested that John might like to buy the company. John’s immediate reply was that he strongly doubted that he could afford to do so. To this the man replied  “would it surprise you if I said I will take $10,000 for the whole thing?” At this point John went across the street to the local bank, applied for and received a loan, and went back and closed the deal.

He quit his teaching job and started working on expanding his new company that he renamed John W. Payne Excavating. This little, one backhoe – one dump truck, company would soon become one of the areas most successful construction businesses. Actually it became several successful companies. John W. Payne Excavations was to soon become John W. Payne Construction, Inc., Payne’s Cranes, Inc. was established in 1973, and two other organizations: Construction Services of Chenango, Inc. and Northeast Timber Erectors, Inc. came into existence in the 80s and 90s.

This type of expansion and growth has resulted in community recognition of Mr. Payne as one of the leading businessmen in the village of Bainbridge. Oh, one last thing, as of 1995 John also owns “Bob’s Diner”.

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